Intensive Outpatient Program

In response to the dramatic increase in fatal opiate overdoses in Cherokee County, Price Counseling has initiated a new program. An intensive outpatient treatment program will start immediately.

The Price Counseling Center Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) consists of nine hours of counseling per week in three-hour blocks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Each session is held in small groups to provide clients with insights and support from the counselor as well as from other clients on a similar walk in their recovery. The program is conducted by licensed therapists who specialize in Addiction.

IOP at the Price Counseling Center includes nine hours of individual/small group counseling per week as well as two random drug screens per week. The drug screens are instant urine tests conducted by staff members at the Price Counseling Center. This treatment per week totals $800 per week to be paid by the end of every week treatment is provided.

IOP usually lasts 10-12 weeks depending on the client’s progression. After IOP, the client enters aftercare, which is unique to each client. This period includes a scaled-down form of treatment that will best help the client acclimate to the responsibilities and problems associated with living in recovery.

Participant Requirements: 

We see all types of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, each client must be previously detoxed and in post-withdrawal.

Each client must have a place to live and either employed, actively seeking employment, or attending school. We reserve the right to consider each case and refuse treatment to clients where the safety of patients, staff, and other group members could be threatened.

For more information please contact 770-479-5501.

Services will be offered at Price Counseling Center: 2920 Marietta Highway Building 122, Canton, Georgia.

Please click on the PDF document below to obtain information regarding the Intensive Outpatient Counseling Program.

Intensive Outpatient INFO