Welcome to the Price of Addiction Website


Mission Statement 

The Price Counseling Center assists individuals and families in changing their lives by providing the highest quality of counseling – with well trained, licensed professionals.

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling

We offer individuals, family or couples counseling on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, women’s issues, addiction, anger management, separation, divorce and more.


We offer alcohol and drug addiction evaluations and counseling through individuals or group settings. We are court approved for addiction counseling in the Metro Atlanta area. We are also approved by the Georgia Department of Human Resources to offer evaluation and counseling for DUI offenders. In addition to counseling services, we also offer drug and alcohol testing.

Anger Management 

We offer anger management evaluations. We are court approved for anger management in the Metro Atlanta area.

Services In Spanish

Price Counseling Center is pleased to announce that we provide Alcohol and Drug Evaluations, individual and family counseling in Spanish at no extra charge. We also provide Extreme Hardship Evaluations for patients that are facing deportation. The cost of this evaluation is $400. Our DHR approved counselors work together with Spanish speaking staff to ensure high quality of care.

Quote to Live By

“Recovery is a journey between two stations. One station represents total chaos, and the other represents total serenity. What is important is not where you are, but what direction you are facing.”