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The Price Counseling Center assists individuals and families in changing their lives by providing the highest quality of counseling – with well trained, licensed professionals.

Counseling Services

We offer individuals, family or couples counseling on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, women’s issues, addiction, anger management, separation, divorce and more.

Outpatient Program

In response to the dramatic increase in fatal opiate overdoses in Cherokee County, Price Counseling has initiated a new program. An intensive outpatient treatment program will start immediately.

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In February of 2000, Grace Price left another private practice (located in Woodstock) to build her own empire.  She opened Price Counseling in the middle of an ice storm with the help of some loyal friends. Price Counseling is home to four licensed clinical therapists.  We provide high quality, creative therapy to individuals with mental health, anger management or substance abuse issues.  Between the four of the therapists, we have 75 years of practice. Amazing, huh? Price Counseling provides individual, family and group counseling sessions for children, adolescents and adults.  Price Counseling has been a leader in North Georgia for providing high quality treatment and training. We provide alcohol and drug evaluations for employers, individuals and the courts.

We offer 14 alcohol and drug or anger management groups per week. Price Counseling Center has been associated with the Cherokee County DUI/Drug Treatment Court since its inception in 2005.  We also contract services for the Cherokee County Misdemeanor Drug Court program, which has been in operation since 2011.  Price Counseling has been providing services to North Georgia probation offices and DFCS offices for over 15 years.  We also provide individual and group sessions for Hispanic clients. We provide onsite drug screening for government agencies, businesses and individuals.  We have the capacity to provide instant breathalyzer tests, instant five panel drug tests and provide laboratory testing when appropriate.

Price Counseling receives referrals from DFCS, employers, individuals and court programs.  Whether you are a concerned parent, or a small business owner, we have the drug testing services to fit your needs. We have provided counseling for Post Traumatic Stress clients in support of our public safety community, and provide training on dealing with the outcomes of traumatic incidents to public safety agencies. Every client is treated like someone special at Price Counseling.  No other company can offer services by such a professional, highly educated, licensed staff. Price Counseling is located in South Canton on Highway 5, next to the Canton Fire Department.  Call us at 770-479-5501.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services

  • Individual, family or couples counseling: $125.00


  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluation: $125.00
  • Anger Management Evaluation: $125.00
  • Mental Health Evaluation: $125.00
  • Life Skills Evaluation: $125.00
  • Evaluations at the Cherokee County Detention Center: starting at $300.00 (payment must be made in advance)
  • If two different evaluations are needed the price is $200.00

Cost of evaluation includes appointment time and a written report.  The report will be available 7-10 business days after the initial appointment.  If a report is needed sooner than 7 business days, we charge an additional $75 to do a rush report.

Group Sessions

  • Alcohol and Drug groups are held on Tuesdays at 6pm; Wednesdays 10 am; Thursdays at 5pm6pmand 7pm.  The cost is $30.00per group.  Please be aware that an evaluation is required before attending the group.  If the evaluation is done at another location, it must be approved prior to attending the group.

Outpatient Programs

For more information please contact 770-479-5501. Services will be offered at Price Counseling Center: 2920 Marietta Highway Building 122, Canton, Georgia. Please click on the PDF document below to obtain information regarding the Intensive Outpatient Counseling Program.

Intensive Outpatient INFO

Intensive Outpatient Program In response to the dramatic increase in fatal opiate overdoses in Cherokee County, Price Counseling has initiated a new program. An intensive outpatient treatment program will start immediately. The Price Counseling Center Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) consists of nine hours of counseling per week in three-hour blocks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Each session is held in small groups to provide clients with insights and support from the counselor as well as from other clients on a similar walk in their recovery. The program is conducted by licensed therapists who specialize in Addiction. IOP at the Price Counseling Center includes nine hours of individual/small group counseling per week as well as two random drug screens per week. The drug screens are instant urine tests conducted by staff members at the Price Counseling Center.

This treatment per week totals $800 per week to be paid by the end of every week treatment is provided. IOP usually lasts 10-12 weeks depending on the client’s progression. After IOP, the client enters aftercare, which is unique to each client. This period includes a scaled-down form of treatment that will best help the client acclimate to the responsibilities and problems associated with living in recovery.

Participant Requirements:  We see all types of Alcohol and Drug Addiction, each client must be previously detoxed and in post-withdrawal. Each client must have a place to live and either employed, actively seeking employment, or attending school. We reserve the right to consider each case and refuse treatment to clients where the safety of patients, staff, and other group members could be threatened.